A fundamental transformation of energy systems towards a low carbon economy provide the key challenges for the energy storage concept.



Polish Demonstrator: to support and maximize effects resulting from #renewables in industry, the public and the power grids. German Demonstrator: to support industrial production processes of SMEs, as well as offering additional services to DSO. Italian Demonstrator: Lab validated optimal strategies for…


#MESH4U mission is to develop, test and demonstrate the multi #energystorage hub solutions for #flexible operation in the renewables highly loaded energy system. Our goal is to test the possible usage and application of multi-energy storage hubs within different infrastructures, system sizes and regulatory and market…


To stay in line with European power perspectives and the call's scope, #MESH4U has to match the following attributes: #Green through maximized integration of renewable energy sources together with flexibility options such as multi energy storage, electric mobility and demand-response. Why? It is pivotal to…


And we’re off! The Project’s kick-off meeting took place on March the 4th and the metaphorical red ribbon has been cut. Representatives of all the partners from Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Italy shared a morning of inspiration and exchange of ideas.…


MESH4U has to match the following attributes, which stays in line with European power perspectives and the call’s scope:

Green, through maximized integration of renewable energy sources together with flexibility options suchas multi energy storage, electric mobility and demand-response, because it is important to decarbonise the energy systems andincrease system efficiency via local and regional solutions.



The main objective of MESH4U is to develop and demonstrate multi energy storage hub solutions (technology and service) for flexibilityoperation from end customers. The MESH4U combines several types of storage (electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical) and itstechnologies in order to maximize utilization (technical and economic) for different needs and conditions.

expected impacts

Validate solutions for multi energy storage hub, which offers more flexibility, increased RES and EVs integration and thus decarbonisation of local energy system while ensuring a positive impact on centralised energy infrastructure, on local economy and local social aspects, and local air quality

Develop energy storage systems providing services to the distribution grid and the consumer at affordable costs, deferral of investments in grid reinforcements, validation of business models

Cost effective conversion of excess electricity and/or heat, reduce/avoid curtailment, provide services to the grid, SMEs, EV fleets andend-users and customers.

Benchmark technical solutions and usiness models that can be replicated in many local regions and that are acceptable by localcitizens.Implementation of innovative MESH4U solutions will be tested in four demonstration sites, which well depict different climatic conditions,regulatory, market redlines, social and economic aspects.

Enhance the involvement of local energy consumers and producers, create energy communities in the development and the operationof local energy systems and test new business models.

„Background and state of art.”

The obligation of Paris agreement and the EU-energy roadmap aim a transformation of energy system to sustainable and low carbonsupply of European citizens. Meeting this objective on the road to a largely decarbonize energy sector by 2050 requires increasing thepower generation from renewables, which however generate power only intermittently. To integrate large amount of

MESH4U consortium has large knowledge and experience in energy storage technology development and assembling (Krebs), integration (Electrum, Fraunhofer, Romande Energie), research (WUST, UTV, EPFL).




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