MESH4U project in Switzerland

The pilot tests of fast-charging stations are being conducted as part of the MESH4U project in Lausanne. A team of EPFL engineers, in association with local businesses and authorities, are testing novel algorithms for the deployment of greener EV fast-charging stations.

Thanks to technologies being developed at the School of Engineering’s Distributed Electrical Systems Laboratory (DESL) and, its spin-off GridSteer, users will soon be able to charge their car fast and on a greener way. A new fast-charging station is installed on EPFL’s Lausanne campus, in collaboration with the EV charging stations operator GOFAST, with both stations’ charging slots open to the public. The main idea behind the station is to try out an innovative solution being developed at DESL and GridSteer and investigate new business models for electrifying Switzerland’s transportation sector. Once those solutions are validated at the EPFL, activities will be moved to a larger demonstration site in Aigle joining forces with the local utility company Romande Energie and the Community of Aigle.

In an effort to smooth the load on power grids and help operators efficiently manage fluctuations in supply and demand, DESL and GridSteer engineers are conducting research that pools their skills in three directions: day-ahead power generation and demand forecast, day-ahead planning, and real-time control for power grids incorporating renewable energy and fast charging stations. The project is being led by DESL head Mario Paolone and supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy through its Pilot, and Demonstration program.