Demonstrations of #MESH4U functionalities:

  • Polish Demonstrator: to support and maximize effects resulting from #renewables in industry, the public and the power grids.
  • German Demonstrator: to support industrial production processes of SMEs, as well as offering additional services to DSO.
  • Italian Demonstrator: Lab validated optimal strategies for e-vehicle fleets to scale-up German Demonstrator results, optimizing #evehicle use and renewable integration.
  • Swiss Demonstrator: to control and coordinate of renewables-fed medium-voltage grids including battery storage system and EV fast-charging stations connected to a 20kV grid hosting a multi-MW #PV and small #hydropower plants.



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Develop test demonstrate

#MESH4U mission is to develop, test and demonstrate the multi #energystorage hub solutions for #flexible operation in the renewables highly loaded energy system.

Our goal is to test the possible usage and application of multi-energy storage hubs within different infrastructures, system sizes and regulatory and market conditions. That is why our solutions will be implemented in 4 demonstrators in different countries – Poland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. With these new concepts the added value for each region can be calculated and practically validated, taking the technological, economic and social aspects into account.

Meshing sustainability with profitability of the energy supply – this is what will lead us to a green future.

The MESH4U project is under the auspices of ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems.

Our Pillars of Sustainability

To stay in line with European power perspectives and the call’s scope, #MESH4U has to match the following attributes:

#Green through maximized integration of renewable energy sources together with flexibility options such as multi energy storage, electric mobility and demand-response.
Why? It is pivotal to decarbonise the energy systems and increase system efficiency via local and regional solutions.

#Smart through ICT, monitoring, control and automation solutions.
Why? To integrate all components of multi energy storage hub and to cooperate with local and overlay energy system including generation and consumption.

#Competitive through new business models, direct marketing, flexibility and ancillary services offering.
Why? To supply energy in a socially acceptable and economically affordable way. It is done for the community in order to provide new impetus to the European energy sector and open up new opportunities for foreign operations on other continents.

The MESH4U project is under the auspices of ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems.

Oficially making a mesh.

And we’re off! The Project’s kick-off meeting took place on March the 4th and the metaphorical red ribbon has been cut. Representatives of all the partners from Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Italy shared a morning of inspiration and exchange of ideas.

This newly formed international consortium comprises of partners from industry, academia and business with interdisciplinary teams of engineers, researchers, scientists and business analysts:

The MESH4U project is under the auspices of ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems.

Please tune in regularly for updates on the project as well as for profiles on all the partners.

Remember, a rolling stone gathers no Mesh! 🙂