Flexibility for modern furniture sustainable production

Researchers from Fraunhofer IFF and carpenters from aRTEMöbel are optimizing the energy management system at the furniture factory in Magdeburg, which is a part of the Mesh4U project demonstrator in Germany.

Multi-stationary battery energy storage system (40 kW, 56 kWh) and mobile energy storage in electric cars are the central components of the Mesh4U infrastructure. By coordinating loads of the production machines, generation from own renewable source (129 kWp PV) and energy storage facilities, it is possible to save energy costs, reduce the carbon footprint and operate the enterprise as a Net-Zero-Energy Factory.

The monitoring and coordination of all assets are based on model predictive control algorithms developed by scientists from Fraunhofer IFF and the University of TorVergata in Italy. We are looking forward to the results of long-term field tests and feedback from system users.