The first blockchain-tracked manufacturing process in Germany

Today, we are thrilled to announce the achievement of the first #blockchain-tracked manufacturing process! As part of the Fraunhofer IFF internal Project 'Blockchain for Net-Zero Energy Factories,’ my colleagues Hannes Wasser Sandeep Mattepu Bartlomiej Arendarski Marc Richter Prof. Dr. Przemyslaw Komarnicki and I have successfully tested the developed solutions to track material and energy flows within the manufacturing processes of aRTE Möbel GmbH, a carpentry company based in Magdeburg. These solutions are based on the advancements made in the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Project MESH4U.

The machine operators have already started manufacturing two chairs, with one of them being fully powered by renewable energy. To ensure this, we have implemented three flexibility options:

Re-scheduling the process using decision tree algorithms,

Utilizing two Li-Ion batteries for charging and discharging,

Incorporating a charging station and electric vehicle (EV) as mobility storage systems.

With these innovative solutions in place, aRTE Möbel will operate as a Net-Zero Energy Factory, transparently showcasing the energetic sustainability of the manufacturing process through the power of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!